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Your Qurbani this Eid ul-Adha

Learn more about the lives of the people your Qurbani will feed this Eid ul-Adha. African Relief Fund (ARF) will be delivering your Qurbani to Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Zimbabwe and The Gambia for Qurbani 2022.

Meet Qasnado Cabdi Yuusuf


Qasnado buried her husband several years ago. But she never imagined she would have to bury her daughter too. In need of care, at age 74, she is the one caring for the six orphans her daughter left behind. Their father, Qasnado’s son-in-law, is unemployed and mostly out of the picture.  

Qasnado and her grandchildren were displaced from their hometown. They live in an IDP camp, where they benefit from shelter and food distributions. Without the distributions, Qasnado has no way to afford food for her family. Some days she’s forced to beg from others in the camp, or sometimes from people in town.

Last Eid ul-Adha, Qasnado and her grandchildren received Qurbani meat from ARF’s Qurbani distribution. Accustomed to living on the brink of starvation, they couldn’t believe their good fortune. They couldn’t even remember the last time they’d had meat. “I pray to Allah to bless those who are trying to help in these happy days,” Qasnado said, smiling broadly.

Meet Maryan Dhurde


Maryan and her family lost everything when they were displaced from their homes. They now live in an IDP camp. Maryan’s husband is very unwell and physically disabled. The responsibility of caring for him and her six children rests squarely on Maryan’s shoulders.

At age 67, and with so many to care for, Maryan’s work options are limited. But she does what she can. Maryan’s family suffer from malnutrition. The effects are most visible in the smaller children who aren’t getting the nutrients they need for healthy growth.

Last Eid ul-Adha, we gave Maryan Qurbani meat. It helped to relieve her troubles in the blessed days. It made her happy to see her children happy. It had been too long since they’d last had meat. Maryan and her husband didn’t have to give up from their share of food, so the children could have more. There was enough food for everyone to eat their fill.

Meet Malyuun Miaad


Malyuun is a strong woman. After her husband died, some years ago, she learned to fend for herself and her six children. But nothing could have prepared them for the famine.

The famine in Ethiopia ripped through the lives of thousands of families like Malyuun’s, who rely on subsistence farming. Malyuun and her children survived. But the famine killed their cattle and their crops, and the earth was no good. To save her children, the 58-year-old mother, had to make a tough decision on her own. Without animals or fertile land to farm on, Malyuun’s family had to abandon their home.

They sought refuge at an IDP camp. Here, they have shelter and survive on food aid or whatever else Malyuun can bring home. Theirs is one of the poorest and most vulnerable families at the camp. When Malyuun received Qurbani meat from us, last year, she couldn’t find the words to express her gratitude. “I am happy, Alhamdullah,” she said. “Thank you.”

Last year your Qurbani donations enabled us to distribute meat to 1,500 families in Somalia, 500 families in Ethiopia, 400 in Djibouti and 150 families in Zimbabwe. This Eid ul-Adha, the demand we face is greater. Can you help?