Sponsor an Orphan

Years of conflict, famine and other natural disasters have left many children in Somalia orphaned. These children have to fend for themselves or are sometimes taken in by grandparents or other family members.

The people who adopt orphans can rarely afford to, as most families in Somalia struggle to make ends meet. Getting one square meal a day, for existing family members, is challenging in itself, without the extra mouth to feed. For people facing hunger, school is hardly a priority, which means orphan children rarely get an education. Instead, they work menial jobs to support the income of their host families.  

At African Relief Fund (ARF), we support orphans through their adoptive families. Our Orphan Sponsorship Programme allows donors to take on the financial cost of caring for an orphan child. In this way, host families are able to focus on providing the emotional and educational nurture orphans need, without the stress of financial constraints.

It costs just £30 per month, or £360 for the whole year, to provide basic care and support for an orphan child.

How Orphan Sponsorship Works


ARF’s Orphan Sponsorship Programme supports boys and girls from the age of six, who’ve lost one parent or both. Staff and volunteers at our field offices visit the children and their families regularly. They monitor each orphan child’s progress and check if they need further assistance. ARF also partners with local organisations who help us monitor project recipients.

Our Orphan Sponsorship Programme provides the following for orphans and their adoptive families:

  • A monthly food pack for the family
  • A monthly stipend – to cover the orphan’s basic expenses and school fees
  • Annual medical check-up for the orphan
  • Eid gifts for the orphan, twice a year


The food and financial assistance we give makes a huge difference for families tackling food poverty and encourages guardians to let the orphaned children remain in school. It prevents orphaned children from being deprived of a basic education, and gives them a chance at a better future.

We Need Your Help


ARF partners with local organisations who help us identify orphan families that need our support.

Presently, our Orphan Sponsorship Programme supports 50 orphans in Mogadishu, Afgooye and Burao. But we have a waiting list of many more orphans across Somalia who are in need of sponsorship. Can you help?

  • £30 a month can provide an orphan with food, clothing, healthcare and schooling.
  • £360 can cover an orphan’s basic expenses for a year, and ensure they stay in school.

‘Righteousness in the sight of God dwells in one who, despite his love for it, gives of his wealth in charity to close relatives and orphans and to the needy and the wayfarer …’ (Quran, 2:177)

We know that caring for an orphan is so highly regarded in Islam, because it is such a great responsibility, and often difficult to bear alone. That’s why we try to shoulder some of that responsibility, in order to share in the blessings. Join us in the effort to care for orphans in Somalia, by sponsoring an orphan child today.

Thank you from Afgooye (Somalia)


Launched in 2012, our Orphan Sponsorship Programme is still growing, but it’s made a world of difference to the lives of dozens of orphaned children and their adoptive families. ARF field staff in Afgooye regularly report on the positive impact sponsorships have had. ‘Orphan sponsorship has given the sponsored families a new lease on life,’ they’ve said.

‘They are no longer worried about sending their kids to schools due to school fees. The families who want to raise the children as best they can, can now afford to feed them and let them remain in school.’

£30 a month can provide an orphan with food, clothing, healthcare and schooling.

£360 can cover an orphan’s basic expenses for a year, and ensure they stay in school.

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