Horn of Africa Appeal

Time is running out for people in the Horn of Africa. Following four consecutive failed rainy seasons, extreme drought and famine are escalating into a humanitarian catastrophe.

People are struggling with the driest conditions recorded in over 40 years. With the threat of starvation looming large, thousands of families have been leaving their homes since January 2021, in search of food, water and pasture for their animals. But with water sources drying up so rapidly, displacement is causing conflict and displaced people have nowhere left to go.

Now with the risk of a fifth failed rainy season, confirmed by meteorological agencies, many people will not survive the end of the year. These communities are suffering the brunt of a global climate crisis they did not create. They are in desperate need of emergency relief.

Severe food insecurity has affected

7.1 million people in Somalia

7.2 million people in Ethiopia

4.1 million people in Kenya

African Relief Fund (ARF) Emergency Appeal

ARF is calling on people and organisations to join us as we take immediate action. Can you help us raise awareness and funds for the millions facing starvation in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia?  

Our teams on the ground are working to deliver food, water and other emergency relief items to affected communities and displaced families.

You probably know that rising food prices on the international market have affected food programmes. This has made it more challenging for aid agencies, like us, to respond to the crisis, while responses remain severely underfunded.

Despite the challenges, we’re determined to save lives in the Horn of Africa. Our staff are working hard to support the communities who rely on us and are preparing them for the difficult months ahead.

Here are some ways you can help

£50 – Can provide a food pack with essential items to help a family survive for a month.

£30 – Can provide 30 meals for one person.

£100 – Can help us get an emergency Water Tank out to a community without clean water.

£500 – Can help us dispatch a Mobile Medical Clinic, addressing emergency health conditions among affected communities.

Make some noise for the Horn of Africa! – Help us raise awareness of the crisis by sharing our appeal on social media. And please follow our pages @africanrelieffund

Fast Facts from UN OCHA

7 million livestock have died, depriving pastoralist families of their livelihoods:

3 million livestock in Somalia.

2.5 million livestock in southern and south-eastern Ethiopia.

1.5 million livestock in Kenya.

Families are taking desperate measures to survive, with more people migrating and becoming displaced:

805,000 people are displaced in Somalia

286,000 people are displaced in Ethiopia

The cost of a basic food basket has risen by:

66% in Ethiopia

36% in Somalia

Since November 2021, water prices have risen by:

72% in Somalia

ARF response update

Our teams are delivering water track tanks and food parcels to affected communities in Ethiopia and Somalia. With your help we can continue to support the people who rely on us and expand our reach. Watch this space for further updates.

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