Give a child an education

In many African countries, the state education system is wholly inadequate. African Relief Fund (ARF) began tackling this problem in Somalia first, where political instability has had a catastrophic impact on education. Since the year 2000, we’ve been building and running schools across the country.

ARF also funds teacher training programmes for local teachers who weren’t able to qualify as teachers, following the collapse of government institutions. Our programme enables teachers to gain skills which make them better equipped to teach the national curriculum. Once they’re qualified, teachers are deployed to ARF schools, which they help to manage.

The schools we build are operated by us for the first three years. Afterwards, we hand them over to the host communities. Currently, all ARF schools are being run successfully by the communities we built them for, and the teachers we’ve helped train.

Many schools in Somalia don’t have running water or safe toilets. ARF has introduced rainwater harvesting systems at schools to solve this problem. In some schools, we also provide meals, or transportation for children from neighbouring villages.

We Need Your Help


Going to school is the right of every child, wherever they are. Can you support our Education Programme?

  • Sponsor one child’s schooling for a month: £10
  • Sponsor a teacher’s salary for a month: £100
  • Sponsor furniture (including desks and chairs) and equipment for a classroom: £1000
  • Sponsor a school rainwater harvesting programme: £2,000
  • Existing school rehabilitation: £5,000
  • Build a school for IDP children: £1,5000


“The best of charity is when a Muslim man gains knowledge, then he teaches it to his Muslim brother.” (Ibn Majah, 243)

At ARF, we believe education is vital to the future of every child, community and country. It can eradicate poverty by giving people the tools and skills to tackle the problems they face. If you believe the same, please help us to lift communities out of poverty through education.

Where we work


ARF builds and operates schools in underprivileged areas where there are no schools, or in areas where there are high numbers of Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs).

Based on where need is greatest, we’ve built schools in remote, rural villages and major cities including Mogadishu, Baidoa, Hudur, Beletwenyne, Dinsor, Bosaso, Hargeisa and Borma. We have sponsored several teacher training programmes in Mogadishu, Bosaso (Puntland region) and in Hargeisa (Somaliland region).

ARF has received applications to build schools in Ethiopia and Gambia. With your support, we’re in the process of expanding our Education Programme to those countries.

Our Success in Numbers


To date, ARF has built 70 schools with a collective enrolment of 25,000+ students of all ages. We have 45 primary and 25 secondary schools all over the country, each accommodating 400 students on average.

In the communities we’ve been working, school attendance has significantly increased, among girls and boys.

Next Steps


In spite of our concerted efforts and success rate, there is still a huge need. ARF is working hard to address:  

  • We need to increase capacity and enrolment at our schools.
  • We’ve got a waiting list of 100 secondary school teachers who’ve applied for teacher training that will improve their skills, teaching capacity and performance.
  • We’ve received applications to open schools in Ethiopia and Gambia.
  • We’re trying to get equipment, furniture, textbooks and facilities for new and existing schools.


Please support ARF’s Education Programme so that more children can receive the education they deserve.

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