Support a Community’s
Masjid Project

For rural people in the Horn of Africa, a masjid is the heart of the community, where people gather for prayer and meetings. No different from a community centre, it is a place for deliberation and where the decision making takes place. At Masjids, children learn and women support each other. It’s where celebratory events like Eids and weddings are held; and where funerals are performed. 

ARF builds Masjids only on demand


ARF helps rural people who want to build masjids and community centres in their villages. If you would like to fund a masjid project, in the Horn of Africa, we can implement your project. Please contact our office,for more information, and to find out where your community masjid might be built.

Sara Jabel’s Masjid and Community Centre


Sara Jabel village is based in Northern Gambia. The people here are small farmers. ARF has been working to support them through some of our other projects, for several years. In 2021, the villagers of Sara Jabel approached us with their desire to build a masjid and community centre.

We were able to raise money for their project with the help of generous UK donors. Today, the masjid serves as a place of worship and community gathering for not just Sara Jabel, but also the villages surrounding it. It has become a place of learning for children as well as adults.

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