Help Displaced People with Emergency Aid

Our staff on the ground are struggling to provide emergency food donations and essential relief items to people in desperate need. Can you help?

There are an estimated 48 million internally displaced people (IDPs) worldwide. An estimated two-thirds of these people are in Africa, and in this region, the numbers are rising rapidly. Conflict and the growing effects of climate change are costing more people their homes and livelihoods. Survivors are forced to migrate and seek refuge at camps.

African Relief Fund (ARF) has been working with people at the heart of crisis for over 20 years. We’ve assisted thousands of IDPs in the Horn of Africa (Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia). We provide them with emergency aid in the form of food packs, shelter, fresh water and medical assistance. After the initial crisis has settled, we deliver development and poverty-alleviating projects, which enable affected people to rebuild their lives.

We Need Your Help


The people we’re supporting have become refugees in their own countries. They’ve lost or had to abandon their homes, arriving in a strange place with nothing, in a state of utter uncertainty. Right now they are in want of the most basic needs, facing thirst and starvation, exposure and illness.

Can you help us help them as they struggle to survive in refugee camps, and the remote places they’ve had to move to?

  • Give an IDP family a Food Pack for £25
  • Give an IDP family Shelter for £55
  • Support our emergency aid fund through regular monthly giving at £10 a month or any other amount


‘If anyone relieves a Muslim believer from one of the hardships of this worldly life, Allah will relieve him of one of the hardships of the Day of Resurrection.’ (Muslim, 29)

Without your help, our projects grind to a halt. The displaced people we support rely on your Sadaqah and Zakat. Your donations will enable us to continue providing them with urgent food, water and shelter.

How we work


ARF has field offices across Somalia, through which we deliver aid. In times of emergency, when our staff can’t reach affected people quickly enough, we work through partner NGOs, governmental organisations, and local communities on the ground.

Our preferred method of delivering development projects is through empowering locals; because they understand better their local conditions and needs, so make excellent implementation partners.

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