About Us


African Relief Fund provides humanitarian aid in regions where essential assistance is needed. We deliver development programmes in education, clean water, agriculture, health, orphan care, emergency aid and skills training.


Africa Relief Fund (ARF) is a UK-based humanitarian agency, driven by Islamic values. We implement aid and development programmes across the African continent, in countries where the impact of natural disasters and conflict affects lives and livelihoods. These conditions often force people to relocate and become displaced. Through our projects, we’ve provided hundreds of thousands of displaced people with basic essentials over the past twenty-five years.

Where We Work

ARF was established in 1996. Our primary offices are in the UK (London and Birmingham) and Somalia (Mogadishu). We implement our programmes through our field offices based in most major cities across Somalia. To reach people in rural areas of countries where ARF doesn’t have a presence, we work through local partnerships. We have partnerships with NGOs and governmental organisations in Kenya, Ethiopia, the Gambia, Zimbabwe, Djibouti, Puntland and Jubaland.

ARF focuses on countries in the Horn of Africa, where we work in refugee camps in Kenya; drought-affected areas in Eastern Ethiopia and throughout Somalia. Because of our many years of experience in the region and our extensive network, we have an intimate understanding of local conditions. ARF uses this vital information to plan and deliver targeted and suitable aid projects.



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