African Relief Fund - UK

African Relief Fund is dedicated to support the needy people in Africa, especially those living in the Horn of Africa. We work in emergency relief aid, education, health and providing of clean water. ARF have more than 18 years of experience in these areas, we also worked in the war torn country of Somalia and delivered aid to those in the direst need. We have well trained staff in our regional offices that have great knowledge in the area and capable of delivering much needed services to people in need.

 about    African Relief Fund


The main aim of African Relief Fund is to provide humanitarian aid and sustained development projects to the poor people, cooperating with the local people, governments and non-governmental organizations.


The vision of ARF is to reach a sustainable continuous and basic access to water and food, to establish standard level of health, which means free from diseases that are related to poverty, hunger, famine and children without parents. In addition to is our vision to give a helping hand in the development of the countries that we are operation.


The objectives of ARF are to initiate projects targeting the needy people in terms of education development, reduce extreme poverty and hunger, sanitation and other general relief projects.

ARF has gained adequate field experience and established many schools, where formal education is provided only by ARF. Our program consists of providing knowledge and enlightenment to thousands of pupils. It also creates jobs and opportunities for the local people and contributing to the local economy. Therefore any success we achieved was not possible to reach without the participation of the local people and the support we received from our donors.

ARF operates in the following areas:

  • Emergency Relief
  • Orphans Sponsorship
  • Health and medication
  • Water project
  • Education
  • Income generation and development


Board Of Trustee

  • Mr Hossein Farah
  • Mr Dahir Ali
  • Mr Abdullahi Meydal
  • Mrs Jamad Osman
  • Miss Maryan Farah